Homemade Whiskey - How to Make Whiskey at Home

Individuals have been making their own spirits, and of course homemade whiskey through home distilling for hundreds of years, and is an absolutely fascinating hobby, and one I'm sure you will enjoy reading, and learning about.

It really dates back to the times when farmers and home steaders made their own whisky, and it was in these times that the Whiskey rebellion, called the Moonshine Whiskey rebellion, took place.

Home distilling is based on the all-natural process of evaporating a liquid into a vapour and condensing it back into a liquid, the same process that nature uses to make rain.

The principles involved are natural yet intriguing.

There are two basic methods of home distilling: one is to distill a simple water, sugar, nutrient, and yeast substrate into neutral alcohol and flavour it with essences; and the other is to prepare a specific mash for homemade whiskey, rum, brandy, or whatever, and carefully distill it making the cuts necessary for these authentic spirits.

By this method, world-class homemade whiskey can be made by home distilling.

There are three types of stills employed in homemade whiskey distilling: pot stills; reflux stills; and fractionating stills.

With properly engineered pot stills home distillers can produce, what some argue to be, the finest whiskey, rum, brandy, and schnapps you will ever taste.

With reflux stills, home distillers can produce 70 - 85% neutral alcohol very quickly and easily.

And with fractionating stills, home distillers can produce 96% pure alcohol.

Fractionating stills are no more expensive or difficult to make than other designs of home distilling equipment, they are the easiest to operate, lend themselves very well to automation, and the alcohol they produce is so pure it doesn't require activated carbon treating to purify it.

Fractionating stills also offer the flexibility of being able to produce pot-still spirits such as whiskey, rum, and brandy by simply operating them in a manner which minimizes their fractional separation.

This method is detailed in Making Pure Corn Whiskey.


- To make a grain mash for whiskey : Heat 4 kg cracked or crushed malt with 18 L of water to 63-65 °C, and hold there for 1-1.5 hours. Heat to 73-75 °C, then strain off and keep liquid, using 250 mL of hot water to rinse the grains. Cool to below 30 °C (should have an initial specific gravity of 1.050). Add hydrated yeast & leave to ferment.

- To get the same effect, you can also do a malt-extract brew (like making beer kits), then boil 1-2 kg of grains or cracked corn and add them for flavour.

- Only use a grain mash if you're specifically after a whisky/bourbon.

- You need to use either malt or enzymes to convert the starch into sugar so that the yeast can use it.

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