The Wonderful World of Whiskey

So Which Is Your FAVORITE?

Whiskey is often portrayed as a stuffy old fashioned drink. But do you know what? That could not be further from the truth!

It's a wonderful spirit that's remarkably interesting, complex and always varied in its taste smell and enjoyment. It is produced all over the world, in so many different ways, utilising differing techniques, different water and different ingredients that no one bottle is the same.

Can I point out that you are likely to see me spell Whisky without an (e) which is the Scottish and Canadian way, and Whiskey with an (e) which is the Irish and American way of spelling. So please don't think I've made a load of spelling mistakes!

Whether it's from the traditional whisky countries such as Scotland, Ireland, or any other part of the world, Japan, (the Japanese are real enthusiasts), Canada or the USA, and increasingly the Chinese.

... each and every "dram" should be savoured and enjoyed for what it is, a rich, glorious and satisfying spirit with real history and depth.

I want you to really enjoy my site.

I've worked hard to get across my passion, for what is the "King" of spirits, and I will try and feature everything I believe the novice to the enthusiast would like to hear, or would want to read.

Please feel free to contact me or indeed to bookmark my site ... Please enjoy!

And now onto the exciting bits.

Whiskey is increasingly being produced all over the world. Whether it is in traditional countries of Scotland and Ireland, or countries like America, Canada or Japan, it's a vast and tremendously interesting subject.

Jim Murray produces a famous book called "Jim Murray's Whisky Bible" which in 2013 will be its 10th year. In his latest edition he sampled product not only from the well known countries, but from Austria, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Thailand and more, plus he has named one of America's most ancient distilleries both the world's finest and second finest tipple in the new edition of Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.

Its six-year-old Thomas Handy Sazerac rye whiskey amassed a record-equalling 97.5 points out of a hundred to be crowned World Whisky of the Year. Runner up was sister bourbon William Larue Weller.

It is the first time in the all ten editions of the Whisky Bible that both the World Whisky of the Year and the runner up have come from the same distillery.

... So on to the detail, and please, Enjoy!

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