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Whether you call them Whisky drinks (as the Scottish and Canadians spell it) or Whiskey drinks (as Americans and Irish spell it,) there are hundereds of ways to enjoy Whisky.

Although water can be added to whiskey, and is liked by lots of drinkers, please don't add water to malt whiskey, or chill malt Whiskey. It results in a loss of bouquet and subtlety, and makes the drink a totally different experience.

The so called experts say Irish whiskey should almost never be mixed, but Bourbon (a class of American whiskey) is a part of the basis of the Old-Fashioned Cocktail and Whiskey sour punch, while rye whiskey forms the basis of the popular Manhattan.

When you talk about Whiskey drinks, one of the most popular, especially in America is the Whiskey Sour. Long known for its sour yet approachable flavour, the whiskey sour has a reputation as a whiskey drink for those who might not have the palate for less subtle whiskey drinks, thus for many, the whiskey sour is a door-opener into the never uninteresting world of this dark liquor.

The Original Whiskey Sour


2 oz rye whiskey

1 oz lemon juice

1 dash simple syrup

Serving Instructions

Shake with crushed ice. Strain into glass. Serve in a sour glass. Garnish the whiskey sour with and orange slice and cherry.

Click here for a list of really good Whiskey Sour Punch recipes As well as a huge number of, Whiskey based cocktails

Original Shannon Recipe for Irish Coffee

Heat a stemmed whiskey goblet. Pour in one shot of Irish whiskey.

Add three sugar cubes.

Fill with strong black coffee to within one inch of top. Stir gently.

Top off to the brim with heavy cream slightly aerated. Important: Do not stir after adding cream, as the true flavor is obtained by drinking the coffee and whiskey through the cream.

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