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A to Z of Whisky

By : Gavin D. SmithISBN : 1-897784-66-XPaperback - 224 pages (September 1997) Neil Wilson Pub LtdISBN: 189778466X

Appreciating Whisky

by : Phillip HillsHardcover (May 2000) Trafalgar SquareISBN: 0004724496


An accessible, jargon-free guide to understanding, tasting, and appreciating Scotch whisky, written by the founder of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

The Art of Whisky

The Art of Whisky : A Deluxe Blend of Historic Posters from the Public Record OfficePublished by : PRO PublicationsISBN : 1-873162-67-7Written by : Jim MurrayPaperback - 128 pages (September 1999) Keeper of Public RecordsISBN: 1873162677


This book is all about Whisky posters

The Best Scotch

Nagaoka ShotenISBN : 4-522-21373-5Japanese whisky catalog : Speyside, highland, lowland, islay, vatted, bottlers, and blended.Nice pictures and prices per bottle in ml and ¥

The Book of Classic American Whiskeys

Published by : Open Court Publishing CompanyCo-author : Mark WaymackThe Waymack and Harris bourbon bookCovers distillery tours.

Classic Blended Scotch

By : Jim MurrayISBN: 1-85375-297-5Published by: PRION


From the cover inside : This is the first book ever to be devoted exclusively to the blend, with such famous brands as Johnnie Walker, Bell's and Haig.Written by Jim Murray, the only whisky expert with both the nose and the knowledge, it takes us to the heart of each blend to unveil the secrets of its taste.

It covers the history of whisky blending; the art of the blender - taking a look at the master blenders at work; along with an A-Z of over a hundred classic blends

Classic Bourbon, Tennessee & Rye Whiskey

By : Jim MurrayPublished by: PRIONBook about classic Bourbon, Tennessee & Rye Whiskey

Classic Malts. The Scottish Collection

By : Carol P. ShawISBN: 0-00-472068-7Published by: HarperCollins Publishers.


A illustrated guide to over 85 classic Scottish and Irish malt whiskies and the distillers that produce them.Tasting notes and pictures of labels.

Classic Irish Whiskey

By : Jim MurrayPublished by: PRIONBook about classic Irish Whiskey

The Classic Whisky Handbook

Written by : Ian WisniewskiPublished by : Lorenz BooksISBN : 1-85967-660


A delicious appetizer. Perhaps a book for new whisky explorers or people who do not like to read to much text.

Collins pocket reference on Whisky

By : HarperCollins Publishers, Glasgow G4 0NB / Carol P. ShawISBN : 0-00-472018-0


The essential guide to over 200 Scotch and Irish whiskies and the distillers that produce them.Includes single and vatted malts, grain and de luxe whiskies, and the most popular blends.Includes histories of Scotch and Irish whisky-making, advice on developing a palate for whisky, and personal record lists.

The Complete guide to Whisky

By : Jim MurrayDesign : Carlton BooksPublished by : CarltonISBN : 1-85868-450-1or The Complete Guide to Whiskey : A Guide...ISBN : 1572431512


Contains descriptions of all Scotch, Irish, American and Canadian distilleries and tasting notes of their products.

A handbook with tasting notes of all whiskies from the classic whisky producing countries. This is the one to buy if you want one book.Written by probably the world best writer on Whisky, Jim Murray.

GEM Whisky Book

Published by : HarperCollins.The best-selling guide to over 150 Scotch whiskies and the distillers that produce them.

Jim Murray's Irish Whiskey Almanac

Published by : Jim Murray


In this essential guide you will also find : The history of whiskey making in Ireland. How Irish Whiskey is made today. Distillery and brand histories. Pot still, pure malt and blended whiskeys. Rare vintage bottlings. Irish whiskey liqueurs. Poteen and Visitor facilities on Ireland's whiskey trail.

A Little Book of Scotch Whiskies

By : Derek CooperHardcover (September 1992) Chronicle BooksISBN: 0811802531


A complete look at the history of fine Scotch whiskies and the processes involved in their production, plus descriptions of 24 distilleries make this informative little volume a very distinctive gift.

Malt Whisky

By : Charles MacLean from Malt Advocate


Information and photographes to fylly appreciate this magical spirit to the fullest.

Malt Whisky. A Contemporary Guide

By : Graham MooreISBN: 1-85310-885-5Published by: Swan Hill Press


Lots of nice pictures and text about : The Historical Trail, Founding Fathers, How Whisky is made, The label, Scotland's whisky-producing regions, Whisky trail etc.

The Malt Whisky Almanac

By : Michael Moss and John Hume.By : Wallace Milroy.Published by : NWPISBN : 1-897784-26-0


Reference book. A popular handbook about single malt scotch. Does also contain information about defunct and closed distilleries. Smaller and not quite as extensive as Malt whisky file or Malt whisky companion.

The Malt Whisky file. The connoisseur's guide to malt whiskies and their distilleries

By : Robin Tucek (Background and history) and John Lamond (Tasting notes).Published By : Canongate Books LimitedISBN : 086241-650-7 (Second edition : 1997)or Paperback The Lyons PressISBN: 1558216693

Book Description (Amazon) :

For all those who appreciate fine spirits, The Malt Whisky File is the most complete reference available to the whiskies of the world, including those from the distilleries of New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, and, of course, Scotland. Offering a label-by-label analysis of each whisky, John Lamond and Robin Tucek offer helpful tasting notes, a history of each brand, and a rating based upon a proprietary scale of sweetness, peatiness, and availability (based on each label's total production). (5 x 8 1/4, 244 pages, color photos, maps)

Michael Jackson's Malt Whisky Companion

Editors : Lisa Minsky, Roddy Craig.Art editor : Phil Kay.Managing editor : Jemima Dunne.Managing art editor : Tina Vaughan.Copyright : Dorling Kindersley Limited.Text copyright : Michael Jackson.ISBN : 0-7513-0146-9Extended A-Z catalogue features tasting notes on over 330 different malts

The Original Malt Whisky Almanac. A tasters guide

By : Wallace MilroyISBN: 1-897784-68-6 (7th Edition)Published by: Niel Wilson Publishing Ltd.


Distillery adresses, phone and fax numbers, Manager's name, Production and ownership status, Date of establishment, source of process water etc.Pictures of whisky labels.

Scotch Missed. The Lost Distilleries of Scotland

By : Brian TownsendISBN : 1-897784-53-8

Scotch Whisky. It's past and present

By : David Daiches.Published by : Birlinn Limited, 13 Roseneath Street, Edingburgh EH9 1JHISBN : 1-874744-36-X


In this handsome and learned volume there is all the one needs to know about the chemistry of whisky, its history, and the growth of a cottage industry into a great golden fountain for the enrichment of government and the tax-gatherers.

The Scotch Whisky Book

By : Mark Skipworth.Publisher : By Reed Consumer Books Limited for Lomond Books.ISBN : 0-600-55291-8

Single Malt Scotch

By : Bill Milne & Roddy MartinePublised by : Friedmann/FairfaxISBN : 1-56799-440-7


A beautiful book about Scotch malt whisky. Besides the captivating photos and very good descriptions it also contains recipes that contains malt whisky. This is a book for the sophistcated connoisseur. Buy it.

Single Malt Whiskies of Scotland

By : James F. Harris & Mark H. WaymackISBN : 0-8126-9213-6 (Paperbag)Reference book with pictures of distilleries etc.

The Single Malt Whisky Companion. A Connoisseurs Guide

By : Helen ArthurISBN : 0-02-861780-0Published by: Macmillian


A comprehensive directory of more than 100 single malt whiskies, including several rare and hard-to-find single malts, illustrated with pictures of whisky bottles and pictures of the distilleries, together with distillery facts, author's personal tasting notes and recommendations.

The Story of Canadian Whisky, 200 years of tradition

Written by : Lorraine BrownPublished by : Fitzhenry & WhitesideISBN : 1-55041-094-6


A well written book about the 200 years old Canadian whisky tradition. A must read for all Canadians who have an interest in their Whisky traditions.

The World Guide to Whisky

Produced by : Michael Jackson for Dorling KindersleyPublished by : Dorling Kinndersley Limited.ISBN : 0-86318-237-2


The first comprehensive guide to the whiskies of the world, illustrated throughout with colour photographs and maps, detailing the regional and national traditions, and geographical features, which conspire to produce such a famous yet varied spirit.

Individual tasting notes to nearly 300 different whiskies, including descriptions of every available single malt Scotch, complete an unrivalled, up-to.date blend of information.


Published by : Abbeville Press.ISBN : 0-7892-0223-9 (Some ISBN may cross this is also Cognac by Axel Behrendt)By : Stefan GabányiLots of info, but no pictures.


An excellent handbook. Presents information alphabetically by subject, including whisk(e)y producing regions, distillers, companies, brands, bottlers and production methods. I highly recommend this book.

Whisky and Scotland. A Practical and Spiritual Survey

By : Neil M. Gunn.ISBN: 0-285-63433-XPublished by: Souvenier Pres Ltd. London.


The history, Traditions and Nationalism of Spirit, Whisky Barley, malting, brewing, maturing and blending etc.No pictures but some drawings by Fred Van Deelen.

Whisky Michellany

By : Iain SlinnISBN : 0-9547360-0-1Hospitality Scotland.Release date 31. August 2004Read about the book at http://www.whisky-book.com/ or http://www.whiskymiscellany.com Review : By Alternative Whisky AcademyFirst poor yourself a whiskyLook up the brand your are drinking. The book explains in short terms different whisky words and helps you to understand the process and words used within the world of whisky.

Whisky Map of Scotland

By : BartholomewISBN : 0-7028-1813-5Compiled by : Andrew Elderor

By : CollinsISBN : 0-00-448885-7www.fireandwater.comBoth looks alike and are produced with the approval of the Scotch Whisky Association.Drawings and pictures illustrated and details of distilleries in Scotland at which visitors are welcome

The Whisky Trails

By : Gordon BrownA Traveller's Guide to Scotch Whisky.ISBN : 1-85375-227-4


Travel guide to Scotland.Planning a whisky trail to Scotland we can recommend this book.

The World Whiskey Guide

by : Jim MurrayHardcover - 368 pages 0 edition (March 15, 2000) Carlton BooksISBN: 1858688698


This will be the definitive book on whiskey and whiskey drinking, with every page a visually exciting and informative-packed celebration of the world's finest liquor.

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