Wisers finest

by Douglas Andrew

While helping a friend "gut" the inside of an old house, he called my attention downstairs to where he had cracked open a part of the wall, to discover shelves and shelves of old whiskey!!

Now i'm not saying that the whiskey I have is the best. However I had the chance to take 5 bottles for myself.

1. 1955 Wisers finest aged 25 yrs, still in the velvet pouch and gold tassel with a brass or faded copper stamp holding all in place.

2. 1966 Alberta springs, still packaged in the wooden box with wood shaving packaging.

3. 1962 Alberta springs same as above.

4. 1973 Rotgut that I cannot remember.

5. 1970 same as above rotgut.

I have done some research on the Wisers and have had some offers.

I am to understand that it will not taste any different from the day it was bottled as it was a blend, not a single malt.

That's my story, and I still don't why they were behind the wall, only to say that it was 5 years ago now and indeed a great surprise and bonus after working hard on clearing the house.

And by the way I still have the 1955 bottle of Wisers which I'm saving for a very special occasion.

Cheers all!

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