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Wild Turkey Whiskey - Fine American Bourbon

Wild Turkey Whiskey ’s formulation is highly dependent on the selection of the highest quality ingredients and a commitment to an all-natural process, proper facilities and plenty of time. At Wild Turkey, they make only one brand - the same way, day in and day out, year after year, bottle after bottle.

What makes Wild Turkey Special?

  • The limestone filtered water used in making Wild Turkey Whiskey is taken from a well right in the distillery grounds. The water is considered so pure that the water plant for the town of Lawrenceburg is located on the distillery's property.
  • The yeast used in the fermentation process is cultivated at the distillery and the formula is a closely guarded secret handed down from generation to generation.
  • The white oak barrels have the costliest deep-layer- heavy char used in the industry which helps to give Wild Turkey Whiskey its signature flavour and deep russet color.
  • Wild Turkey is distilled at a very low proof to seal in its flavors. When Wild Turkey Whiskey is released from the barrel, it is diluted with less water than most bourbons, producing a higher proof products. This leaves you with a taste closer to what was in the barrel.


Bourbon was invented in 1789 in Kentucky by the Reverend Elijah Craig. His recipe involved putting together corn, rye and malt barley

The original Ripy family distillery was founded in 1869 on Wild Turkey Hill in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky In 1933 after prohibition was repealed by the US government the original Ripy Distillery went through a modernisation program and started producing fine Kentucky Bourbon once again.

In 1940 the famous brand name of "Wild Turkey" was invented after a distillery executive named Thomas MCarthey took a supply of bourbon on a Wild Turkey hunting expedition with a number of friends.

They had such a great time, and enjoyed the drink so much..... the brand was born.

The 1970's produced some product innovation with the introduction of 80 percent proof Wild Turkey Whiskey, and the Wild Turkey liquer with honey.

In 1980 the distillery which was owned by Austin Nichols sold out to Pernod Ricard the huge multi-national drinks conglomarate. This change of ownership wasthe catalyst for growth

The 1990's saw more products introduced under the Wild Turkey brand name.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Society

The Rare Breed Society is a special club of individuals who share the master ditiller, Jimmy Russell, deep interest in bourbon making and tasting. Wild Turkey Rare Breed is, in Jimmy’s opinion, bourbon in its finest form.

Upon returning a completed form from the pamphlet attached to every bottle of Rare Breed, one can become a Member in this club of connoisseurs. Members are periodically notified about distillery events, inside news from the world of bourbon and special opportunities to save on products and services.

The Wild Turkey Bourbon Grand National Wild Turkey Calling Championships

Since 1992, Wild Turkey Bourbon has provided title sponsorship of the NWTF's National Turkey Calling Championships.

Each year,about 30,000 avid sportsmen and wild turkey enthusiasts flock to the annual convention and sport show. Spectators gather to watch contestants cluck, putt, purr and gobble their way to the highest level of "turkeydom." The competitors use box and slate calling devices, as well as mouth diaphragms, tubes and their natural voices.

What a spectacle!

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Wild Turkey

  • Wild Turkey 101 8 Year Old 50.50%
  • Wild Turkey 101 8 Year Old 40.00%
  • Wild Turkey 17 Year Old 50.50%
  • Wild Turkey 80
  • Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed
  • Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve, Aged 10 Years
  • Wild Turkey Rye 50.50%
  • Wild Turkey Sherry Signature 43.00%

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