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Whiskey tours / Whiskey trail - Visit the distilleries for yourself!

Taking one or more Whiskey Tours is a great way of having a superb holiday, whilst learning more about the way Whiskey is distilled, or indeed taking in the fabulous New Year celebrations in Edinburgh called Hogmanay

A number of major distilleries understand that to experience the unique character of a distillery, the region, and the actual Whiskey making process is one of the major factors in the enjoyment of everything that is associated with Whiskey.

Whiskey Tours, or taking the Whiskey trail can be a very rewarding experience.

Scotland for most is still the home and birthplace of some of the greatest and most famous distilleries, and offers the chance to not only see real tradition at work, but also a chance to sample some of the worlds finest Whisky.

These Whiskey tours can, and should be linked with visits to some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, to see real Scottish history, and to visit city's rich in tradition such as Edinburgh.

I recommend Rabbie's Highland Tours

They are passionate about providing you with a holiday and an experience to remember.

Most of the worlds distilleries now offer the chance to visit, to sample and to take in the unbelievable history associated with this drink.

My recommendation, if it's possible is to arrange your whiskey tour via a specialist site in each country. Like Rabbie's Highland Tours

United States

Jim Beam

Jim Beam

A Whiskey trail is not complete without visiting the home of the world's best-selling bourbon.

It has been made by the same family for more than 200 years. In 2005, Jim Beam Distillery celebrated a landmark achievement when Fred Noe, great-grandson of the legendary Jim Beam Distillery bourbon ambassador, filled the ten millionth barrel of Jim Beam Distillery bourbon.

A visit to the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, Ky., offers a unique opportunity to learn about America's first family of bourbon and the bourbon-making process.

Maker’s Mark Distillery (Loretto, KY)

Visit the campus-like setting of the Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky on the banks of Hardin’s Creek. Established in 1805 as a gristmill distillery, Maker’s Mark is the oldest working distillery on its original site - and a National Historic Landmark.

Wild Turkey Distillery (Lawrenceburg, KY)

The view as you come upon the Wild Turkey distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky is truly breathtaking. Once inside this real working distillery, watch as new Bourbon is poured into handcrafted barrels then tour the timbered warehouses, where thousands of barrels sit and age.

Woodford Reserve Distillery (Versailles, KY)

The Woodford Reserve distillery is located right in the middle of Kentucky’s famous horse country alongside Glenn’s Creek near a beautiful town called Versailles.

The historic distillery has been fully restored to its former 1800’s splendor and is a designated National Historic Landmark.

George Dickel Distillery (Tullahoma, TN)

George Dickel's legacy lives on through the Tennessee Whisky that bears his name. Since 1870, George A. Dickel Tennessee Whisky is still handcrafted with the same processes and attention-to-detail that George Dickel established to ensure that each drop is as remarkable now as it was when the first batch was made.

This important stop on the Whiskey tours of the deep south of America can be found between Nashville and Chattanooga, the George Dickel Distillery is nestled in scenic Cascade Hollow, not far from Tullahoma, TN

Jack Daniel Distillery (Lynchburg, TN)

Jack Daniels bottle

Be sure you allow time for one of the most important of all Whiskey tours, a guided tour of the oldest registered distillery in the United States when you visit Jack Daniel's in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

You'll meet some friendly people, learn how the famous Tennessee whiskey has always been made and even get a chance to take a picture with a life-size statue of Mr. Jack. The making of Jack Daniel's whiskey was set down by its founder, Jack Daniel, and has been maintained and preserved for over 140 years.

Buffalo Trace Distillery (Franklin County, Kentucky)

Home to Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon, the Buffalo Trace Distillery site encompasses 110 acres and 110 buildings and is located in Franklin County, Kentucky.

Formerly the George T. Stagg distillery, the distillery was renamed in June 1999 and introduced its flagship bourbon, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, in August 1999.

American Whiskey tours "worth their salt" wiil show you that in addition to Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the distillery has a history of other finely crafted, award-winning spirits, including Blanton's, Eagle Rare, Van Winkle and W.L. Weller.

The distillery has won more international awards since 1990 than any other North American distillery, earning more than 115 distinctions in national and international competitions.

Buffalo Trace was the Whisky Magazine distiller of the year in 2005.


Bushmills, County Antrim. +44 01265-731521

Well worth a Whiskey tour as this distillery claims to be the "Worlds Oldest Whiskey Distillery" based on the undisputed fact that a seven year licence to distil dating from April 20th 1608 is attributed to the distillery.

Located near the town of Bushmills in Co. Antrim The distillery has had its "ups and downs" including being destroyed by fire in 1885

Cooley Distillery, County Louth

The Cooley name, is in Irish distillery terms, a new born infant.

Opened in the late 1980s from what was the Ceimici Teo Distillery in Dundalk it was renamed Cooley Distillery.

Initially the distillery had its challenges during its early days, not least of which was cash flow problems and the attempted takeover bid by the Irish Distillers Group.

The Irish Distillers Group intention was to close the distillery down as it somewhat thwarted their plans of controlling all whiskey produced in Ireland. Eventually though Cooley found international backing from a number of companies including Moet-Hennessy.

Midleton, County Cork

Situated in Co. Cork Midleton distillery is responsible for the majority of all Irish Whiskey produced in Ireland today. It is the Irish Distillers Group main distillery and a real "gem" of a stop on your Whiskey tours.

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