Vat 69 and how we enjoy whisky in India

by Sai
(Pune, India)

VAT69 is one of the Smoothest Scotch Whiskies available today.

I love how smooth it is and it has a terrific smell.

Some scotch whiskies give nail polish remover(eg: Royal Barrel) smell which is hard to smell if you keep your nose on top of it.

But you can experience the real taste and smooth with VAT69. It costs around Rs.1150/- in India.

The way of drinking:

The main difference between scotch whisky and normal whisky is the taste and the way of blending.

Scotch Whisky is far smoother than normal whisky.

If you want smooth, you have to spend more!

It is like the difference in taste between salt water, normal water, sweet water, coconut water.

The same thing is applicable for Whiskyies as well as Scotch Whisky.

How to Drink Scoth whisky:

30 ml means -Small Peg
60 ml means - Large Peg

180 ml-Quarter,
360 ml-Half
720 ml-Full.

So, consuming 60 ml Scotch whisky daily keeps your health in good condition and it controls blood pressure and brings brightness.

In my view it acts like a medicine.

So you can drink the Quarter bottle for 3 days and 12 days for full bottle.

So drinking 30+60=90 ml on daily basis before dinner is ok as far as I am concerned.

But you really shouldn't exceed more than 90 ml a day.

First pour the 60 ml of Scoth whisky in the glass tumbler ,mix it with 20 ml of cool soda.

If you have ice cubes, drop 4 normal ice cubes from refrigirator in to the glass tumbler.

If you want you can mix in a little water to make them melt quickly.

You can go swirl in your mouth for some time before you swallow inside.

I do not think you should ever add soft drinks to scotch whisky / normal whisky.

Soft drinks contain preservatives,caffein and sugar which spoil health very quickly.

Try only with fresh cool water or a small volume of soda or you can try with fresh cool coconut water and soda which is one of my favourites.

Try srawburry slices mixed it with honey and take this as for munching.

You can take pealed-off apple pieces with honey on top of it.

Consuming honey will help alleviate your hang over if you drink too much!


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which Indian Whisky is best taste NEW
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Jul 15, 2015
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Jun 09, 2015
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May 07, 2015
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this saichand sounds
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what to talk about Vat..

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