Tangle Ridge Canadian Whisky

Tangle Ridge Whisky - One of the premium brands looking to make Canada great again

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Tangle Ridge is marketed by Jim Beam Brands

The Canadian whisky category is positioned for growth, especially with the increase of ultra-premium Canadian whiskies like Tangle Ridge and Pendletons Whisky Tangle Ridge is a blended Canadian Whisky and was named after Mary Schaeffer, a Canadian explorer who discovered Tangle Ridge, a limestone wall that has since become a landmark in the Canadian Rockies.

Made completely with rye, Tangle Ridge Whisky is the only Canadian whisky that uses the Double Casked method of flavoring and aging.

After the whisky has aged for 10 years in, oak barrels it is dumped and then blended with a hint of sherry and a touch of vanilla.

The whisky is then recasked, allowing flavors to mingle before bottling.

Double casked" and aged 10 years, Tangle Ridge Whisky represents part of the next generation of Canadian whisky expressions.

A small brand with big possibilities, Tangle Ridge represents one of the most promising opportunities for Canadian whisky -- the market for "hand-crafted" superpremiums.

Introduced in 1996, shipments of Tangle Ridge Whisky were up more than 50% in 1999 over the previous year (albeit from a small base).

Tangle Ridge is aimed at the 25- to 44-year-old consumer. The brand is demonstrating particular strength in the New York, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, North Carolina and the Indiana markets.

Tangle Ridge Rye Whisky

A pure rye aged ten years in oak, then blended with a bit of sherry and other flavours, recasked and left to mellow.

It has burnt caramel and butterscotch aromas, with a rich ultra velvety smooth sweetness on the palate and hints of sherry. Just lacks on complexity and depth.

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