Sugar Cane Moonshine....

by Bryan
(Yakima, Washington)

I once lived in Far North Queensland, Australia.

My wife and I rented a place and soon came to share another place (cattle station) with our landlord and his wife.

In the course of drinking beer one evening, my landlord told me that his brother had a still made out of a beer keg by a Hungarian Immigrant.

"Let's make whiskey I said."

He said that they had never used it before, but he would call his brother and we would make it.

We acquired some local cane sugar and yeast and threw it together in a fermenter. I don't even recall how many days we let it to bubble, but when it was done, we set up the still under a propane burner and he gave me a second hand lesson that his brother had been told by the Hungarian on how to run the liquid through the still with cooling water.

I hooked up the hoses and proceeded to SLOWLY boil the mix.

In the meantime, I was washing and cleaning cars and equipment, while looking at the still about a thousand times.

It took about 2 hours before the first drops started dripping out. (I had no idea if I was doing it right or not.)

I caught the first 250ml in an old glass coke bottle. The rest (about 5 litres if I remember right) was trickled into a glass gallon jug.

We mixed different flavorings together with the alcohol into 750ml bottles we had lying around.

It was pretty spectacular stuff. On special occasions, like when the owner of the cattle property showed up (a super-famous rugby player), we would break out the little coke bottle and impress people.

That stuff was about 190 proof and was like drinking fire, but it was smooth and special.

There were lots of good times with that first batch and the little bottle!

We moved back to the US soon after that and I don't know what ever happened to that little still, but I think about making one all the time.

I think this site just inspired me to do it.


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