Get the Most from a Good Malt by Drinking from Single Malt Scotch Glasses

Tasting Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Drinking whisky from single malt scotch glasses is as important as the style or type of whiskey you are drinking.

If you are adding a mixer to a whisky or drinking a whiskey cocktail then a tall tumbler is the ideal glass. I strongly believe a good glass makes all the difference to the way any good quality drink tastes, including whisky.

The whisky enthusiast however will probably already know how important single malt scotch glasses are in terms of getting the full enjoyment from the king of whiskies.

The true aficionado believes that you get the most enjoyment from a good whisky by drinking it straight, nothing added at all, but from a specialist glass.

So here is my guide to maximizing your experience.

  1. Pour the whiskey into your single malt whiskey scotch glasses

    Definitely use glasses with curved sides and a bowl type shape that allows the aromas and smells to develop.

    Part of the enjoyment gained from all good malts are from the unique aromas.

  2. Pour in about an ounce and a half of your favourite, but enough to allow you to swirl it around to release those aromas, but not too much that you are going to spill it.

    Inspect the colour, quality and consistency of the whiskey. Generally the higher the alcoholic content, the thicker the liquid will be.

  3. Hold it up to the light.

    Look for any inconsistencies, or particles floating in the whiskey. These are signs of lower quality.

  4. Adding water.

    Now comes the age old debate of should I or shouldn’t I?

    When you add water make sure it’s a pure spring water and not a tap water. In the UK for example tap water will have chlorine and other chemicals added to ensure it is safe to drink, but these chemicals can ruin the taste of a good single malt whisky.

  5. Add around a splash of water and it can open up the aromas and flavours. And this is where the debate rages.

    Is adding water better for the tasting process?

  6. Now really enjoy those smells

    Put your nose as close to the whiskey as you can, and take in those wonderful aromas

    Breathe out through your mouth and not back into the glass.. This is called "nosing."

    Take a note of every type of aroma you can identify.

  7. Onto the good bit! Taking a sip.

    Swish it around your mouth allowing the whisky to touch every bit of your tongue and mouth. By doing it this way you can pick out all the flavours the whisky has to offer.

    Let it warm up a bit in your mouth as the taste can often develop and evolve.

  8. Swallow.

    Feel the warmth of this liquid joy as it goes down your throat.

    Repeat the process again until your single malt glasses glasses are empty.

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