Recycled Oak Flooring made from Whisky Barrels

Recycled Oak Flooring

This is something you don’t see every day: recycled oak flooring made out of whisky barrels.

The Scotch whisky industry realised it needed an eco-friendly solution to disposing of old barrels, instead of merely consigning them to landfill. McKay Flooring were happy to play their part.

Having engineered a way to make flat boards out of these beautiful oak barrels – many still with their distinctive branding – they not only started to commercially offer this unique flooring but very quickly received a major order within a few days to fit a whisky barrel floor in Glasgow.

A question often asked is if the flooring retains the aroma of fine malt whisky.

It’s a good question and probably depends on how vivid your imagination is.

Certainly, when you press a board to your nose, you get the very pleasant smell of oak and vanilla.

I don't think anyone can guarantee a more spiritual, or spirit-rich, experience than that.

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