Miniature Whiskey Bottles - A Great Way to try a New Whiskey

Miniature whiskey bottles

It was believed that the first Miniature Whiskey bottles were produced by an Irish Whiskey distiller called John Power and Son’s from Dublin.

Powers was the first to sell their whiskey in miniature bottles called Baby Power's. Such was their influence with government that changes to the law were actually made in order to facilitate this innovation.

Whiskey miniatures have now become a hugely popular way of buying whiskey for a number of reasons.

Whiskey Gifts

Miniature Whiskey bottles have become very popular as gifts, particularly at Christmas time because it provides a relatively low cost opportunity of giving a sample of a whiskey to a whiskey enthusiast without spending a large amount on a new whiskey that maybe they will not like.

Most of the major, and the smaller brands as well as the smaller “niche” distilleries will see it as a way of getting wider distribution of their whiskies and as a tasting opportunity.

Whiskey Taster

It has become a great way of only buying 50ml or 5cl of a whiskey you want to try but you are not willing to spend the full bottle price on just in case you do not like it!

Whiskey Collectors

Because miniatures have become so collectable enthusiasts from all over the world now covet large collections of miniature whiskey bottles with in some cases huge collections being amassed.

As with all hobbies rare examples of miniature whiskey brands have exchanged hands for some fairly large sums of money, and the advent of auction sites and the internet generally has seen this type of collecting grow.

Personalised Miniature Whiskey Bottles

As whisky miniatures become more popular, an industry has grown up around the personalisation of bottles.

Whether for a special occasion such as a wedding or a corporate event, or as a gift, it has become an increasingly popular way of taking your favourite whisky and providing a personalised taster!

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