Midleton Very Rare

by Mike
(Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

Being a fan of Irish whiskey because of the smooth, rich flavors and hints of sweetness, I have tried quite a few. Redbreast 12 is my brand.

During a layover in DFW airport, I stopped in at an "Irish pub" to pass the time and have lunch. On the menu was Midleton VR at $18 a glass. Since I was on per diem, I thought, "what the heck."

On the first sip, I was so pleased I actually giggled a little. It is the smoothest, most pleasingly flavorful whiskey I've ever tried, without being overpowering.

It's a little high-dollar at about $100 a bottle, but really, really worth it. If I hear of you mixing it with anything, even ice, I'll make sure your man-card is revoked.

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