Johnny Walker Double Black

by Sahil

Undoubtedly whiskey is a very personal experience and it is more about the emotional bond than the taste of it.

Though I’m in my early 20s, I am fortunate enough to try many brands around the world. Like most of us I have binged and pained my liver in my university days; but I passed that age and begun to enjoy what I consume.

Anyhow, till recently, my favourite was the Johnny Black and it was my premium choice at home, in parties and social gatherings - until I tried the Double Black!

I must say this was something else, the flavours, the smell and the colours are absolutely unique.

The first sip and it was like an out of body experience.

I was mesmerized by the smoky, charred flavours and the sheer smoothness in its essence.

The positioning of this product lies in between the Black and the Green labels. However, it is in a league of its own and beats the chain of hierarchy.

Right from the packaging that give you a hint of the woody, misty nature of this drink, to the STUFF that comes out from it. It’s a magnificent piece and I salute the Walker Brothers for it.

So much so, that I don’t fear to say that it is a common man’s blue label!

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