Helping 2 moon shiners get through

by Nash
(Brunswick,GA USA)

It was 1960 In Folkston, Ga.

I was helping a friend close a service station that he worked at on Highway US 1/301.

We were then going to drive to the fair in Hilliard, Florida.

Before closing, a 10 year old pickup truck limped into the station, in this old vehicle was a white and black man of about the same age.

They had tried to change the tire but their jack was not sufficient.

We jacked the vehicle up - the smell around the vehicle was "pure moonshine"!!

My friend and I were in awe and wondered "what in the world do they think they were doing?".

They had containers of whiskey and burlap covering the whiskey, and corn thrown around it at random places.

The old man driving wanted to talk about how our school was doing in football and how his was.

We got the tire on and they were on their way.

My friend and I were not intentionally following them but caught up with them just before the first highway inspection on highway 301/US 1.

The inspection guy was talking to the driver and we pulled up close behind.

We shouted "Aren't you Jerome Wilson?".

He stared at me and told the old man to go on. He asked me who we were yelling at.

We stayed behind the pickup til we got to Hilliard.

We stopped at the fair and they went on, only God knows where.

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