by Stephen Norris
(Los Angeles)

The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet

I agree that the best thing about scotch is the search to find a great one!.

I have tried many a scotch and to me the best is Glenlivet.

I started appreciating a good scotch around ten years, before then I was a cognac drinker. I tried my first bottle of Glenlivet and I was hooked.

Not only was I hooked but through word of mouth I have gotten others to drink it as well.

I am now in search of a moderately priced scotch and for the price I like Clan McGregor.

As we speak I am drinking Cutty Sark that I happened to buy because it was on sale.

Also for the money I recommend Ballantine's finest. In closing I would like to say that the search for a good scotch is a grand endeavor.

Enjoy the search...

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