Federal Pen clear liquor

by D.Wade

To start, I never did see any of the wine or liquor makers use yeast or bread.

My old celly used ten cans of 100% orange juice, one or two whole peeled oranges, and a pound of suger, all of which could be purchased from the commisary.

Everything was mixed and would fit into an igloo drinking cooler. The first batch always took the longest because he said that he was capturing the yeast from the air, so the cooler would sit overnight in the cell uncovered.

After the first batch he always saved a cup, or whatever he didn't sell for his "kicker", which he would add to the next batch.

This would really get it going, usually overnight.

Of course all that I have just explained was the making of a crude wine, that I have seen drank in as quick as three days with intoxicating effects.

But do to its youthfulness, it was always very sweet mainly because the sugar had not yet had the chance to turn into the good stuff.

Twenty to thirty days later it was much drier and more fulfilling, and as far as the intoxicating effect was involved.

When he became more involved and felt that the time was right(usually a good guard that would allow him to do it), he would drop a stinger, which is a heating devise that would bring liquids to a boil into the bottom of a gallon of the finished wine with a garbage back over the top that had a plastic hose portruding from it.

The hose ran across a cooler full of ice and continued on to another igloo drinking cooler, which was his catcher.

Five gals made roughly a gallon that was definately intoxicating. The process took all night, but what a hell of a thing the clear liquor was to have when you were so far from home.

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