I grew up in Oklahoma and I used to hear my Granddad, and his friends talk about making Moonshine, home brew beer and wines.

A number of his friends used my Grandparents well as their water source.....apparently it was great for brewing, all I knew it was not water I enjoyed drinking...too many minerals in it I think!

Well I decided to give it a go, and I found a recipe on the internet. Oh yea, I was living in Seattle, Washington at the time. My Grandad had passed away a long time ago, so I was on my own.

I have to say though, what a great experience to say I made whiskey.

A hell of a lot of trial and error, and of course loads of mistakes, but it was worth it.

Whilst I actually didn't drink myself I became very popular with loads of friends queuing up to sample my whiskey.

I had my still on my back patio, under a cover, but in the open, with neighbors on both sides and behind me.

I know people could smell it cooking as I would see guys coming out and sniffing the air.

One night it was starting to warm up and come up to temperature. I left it as I thought I had loads of time and I decided to go for a shower.

What an aroma!

I then came out and checked everything before then retiring to watch the TV.

I then noticed some lights flashing so I drew back the curtains to see two sheriff cars, two officers and dogs. I am saying to myself just calm down, stay put and perhaps they will go away.....YEA RIGHT

I get dressed and I go and see what the deal is.

Some kids had stolen a car and right across from my street was a dead end road, and of course those kids had decided to go down that street, where there is no way out.

Thank the Lord the officers were looking for those kids. Thank god it wasn't me

Needless to say, I put out my fire....but the allure of making moonshine made me finish that batch, and many more since.

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