Blindmans bluff brew

by Shane
(Brisbane, Australia)

I am a 47 year old 85% blind man making homebrew to pass the time and for drinking pleasure..

While making the mash and trying to keep everything clean, my 3 year old granddaughter, drops 3 stones from the fish pond in my wash bucket ... oh no ... I'll never get them out as I cant see them for one, or keep it clean for two ... so I left them there ..not expecting it to work out.

It was the best tasting batch ever ..

I've tried doing it again but no joy .. I think there may have been something else put in there but who knows?

I've been brewing now for nearly 3 years.. I have oak barrels full with rum, bourbon, scotch and rye around 200 litres in total ageing now!

I want to try cherry vodka this Christmas .. yummy

Regards to all from
Shane.. 'maggoo' in Brisbane Australia ..

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