Wiser's Whiskey

Wisers Whiskey - Canadian Whiskey with a great reputation

Wisers Whiskey is owned and distilled by the drinks conglomerate Pernod Ricard. Wisers Whiskey is a quality Canadian Whiskey that is still produced by the Hiram Walker & Son Distillery in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the home of Canadian Club.

Product Range

  • Wiser's De Luxe
  • Wiser's De Luxe 10 Years Old
  • Wiser's Very Old
  • Wiser's Special Blend
  • Rich & Rare

Tasting Notes

Jim Murrays Whisky Bible in 2006

Wisers Deluxe

Beefy with sharpening touches of rye and other slightly fruity citrus notes. Very busy mouth arrival with a complex array of corn on the cob and then much cleaner small grain notes. Good weight to the oiliness which never goes over the top. A brief spice fly past, and an early vanilla oak attack.

Absolutely Superb


Hiram Walker was an American grocer and distiller who died in 1899.

Walker founded the famous distillery in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1858 in what was then Walkerville, Ontario. He purchased land across the river, just east of what was Windsor, Ontario, and established a distillery on the banks of the Detroit River.

Walker began selling his whiskey as Hiram Walker's Club Whiskey. It became very popular and American distillers became angry, and forced the US Government to pass a law requiring that all foreign whiskeys state their country of origin on the label. This move backfired because Hiram Walker's Canadian Club Whiskey became more popular

The Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery remained in the Walker Family until the 1920s. Canadian Club Whiskey is still produced to this day at the distillery he helped to found. The company is now, as a result of a series of mergers, owned by UK-based company Allied Domecq PLC, who are themselves part of Pernod Ricard.

Pernod Ricard strength as major drinks company can only help in the development of the Wisers Whiskey brand.

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