Whisky associations - exist to promote enjoyment

The Whisky Associations listed below have all been collected to provide information on sites and organisations that exist to promote the drink of Whisky

Brazilian Association of Whisky Collectors Their objective is to promote the culture represented by Whisky. To congregate and gather people devoted to the acquisition of knowledge and appreciation of Scotch Whisky.

Gefle Malt Whisky Society of Sweden

Kentucky Distillers Association.

A site aimed at everything about Bourbon

Kentucky Distillers Association

Le Clans des Grand Malts

This society has been going since 1901 and has several hundred members. They conduct tastings every month. There is lots of other info on the site, such as news, French retailers and articles about whisky trips. Only in French.


Single Malt Club of Scotland

For all those Italian speaking single malt lovers


The International Order of the Companions of the Quaich For those Canadian whisky lovers out there!


The Scotch Whisky Association

This is an association for those involved in the whisky industry, and includes information on members and their brands, whisky production and a map of distilleries.


The Whisky Tasting Society, Atlantic, Canada


Warbergs Single Malt Society

The Swedish site holds news, whisky stuff, links and tasting notes. The tasting notes are only in swedish for now, but will also be in English soon.


WestCoast Whisky Association WestCoast Whisky Association is an organization for social well situated individuals with one common interest: Whisky.

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