Whiskey Glasses - For Everyone!

Believe it or not Whiskey glasses have to be made in the right way to ensure you get the most pleasure when drinking a good Whiskey.

When we enjoy any type of drink, or food, we use all our senses: sight, smell, hearing and of course taste.


I'm a great believer in atmosphere, and of bringing in to play all the senses to help you enjoy your Whiskey.

Scotch aficianados always agree that the enjoyment they get from a tasting is enhanced by getting the most from all aspects of the drink, whether its the colour which is an incredible amber colour of varying shades, its smell (or bouquet) which can be remarkably different depending where the whisky came from, and of course its complex flavours.

All these individual pleasures are enhanced by drinking from the right whisky glass!.....It really does make a difference.

The cut glass highball scotch glass is often associated with Whiskey, and can be a beautiful piece of craftmanship in its own right, but is often disliked by the real Malt lovers.

They see the bevels in the glass as illuminating and distorting the colour, but mainly the tumbler type Whisky glasses don't provide the best shape for delivering the unique Whiskey aromas.

Real connoisseurs prefer the brandy snifter, sherry copita, or something similar. The growing popularity of Malt Whiskey has led to the evolution of Whiskey glasses based on a tulip like shape.

Micheal Jackson's Malt Whiskey Companion talks about the author's development of what he believes, based on his huge tasting experience to be the best tasting glass on the market.

He has designed what he calls the Whisky Connoisseur Glass with spirit consultant Jurgen Deibel.

The bowl of the Whiskey Glass has no decoration, so that the colour of the drink can be enjoyed to the full. The inward curve above the bowl holds in the aroma.

Then the slight flare directs the bouquet to the nose. There is a lid to retain the aroma between tastes.

They may not be direct copies but there are now a number of glasses available that imitate this design.

Now that is taking tasting seriously!

Finally, Whiskey glasses, along with Decorative Water Jugs or indeed many collectors favorites the Whiskey decanter have developed huge followings and networks of collectors have developed the world over.

The Whisky Exchange are Whiskey specialists and are worth looking at if you are looking to source a good tasting glass.

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