Whiskey brand facts - all about the major Whiskey brands.


  • Glenmorangie is the biggest selling malt Whisky in Scotlan
  • The Famous Grouse is the biggest selling whisky overall within Scotland
  • Bruichladdich is Scotland's most westerly distillery
  • Bladnoch is the most southerly of Scotland's distilleries
  • Highland Park is the most Northern Scotch Whisky Distillery in the World.
  • Glenugie was the easternmost distillery in Scotland
  • Pulteney is the most northern distillery in the Highlands
  • Strathisla is the oldest malt whisky distillery in the Highlands of Scotland. Founded : Est. 1786 / OBAN is also one of the oldest stills in Scotland. Founded : 1794
  • Glenturret is one of Scotland's oldest malt whisky distillery
  • Bowmore is reputed to be the oldest legal distillery on Islay
  • Tomatin Distillery Compagny's is one of the highest in Scotland and it is also the largest capacity distillery in Scotland
  • Edradour is the smallest distillery in Scotland - With three people to run the entire operation
  • Glenfarclas is in Guinness Book of Records for the strongest malt whisky available in a distillery's official bottling


  • Jameson's is the biggest selling Irish whiskey outside Ireland
  • John Powers Irish Blend - The most popular brand in Ireland
  • Coleraine is the oldest malt in Ireland and the only irish owned Irish distillery in the world


  • Aberlour has been well marketed in France, where it is one of the most popular of Scotch whiskies
  • Ballantine's Finest is the number one brand in Europe and the third largest in the world

United States

  • Aberfeldy the most popular Scotch in the U.S.A
  • Jack Daniels is America's oldest registered distillery


  • The Pinch is the fourth largest blended Deluxe Scotch whisky in the world
  • Glenlivet is one of the most popular malts in the world
  • Glenfiddich is the largest selling single malt in the world
  • Jack Daniels is the most popular American spirit in the world
  • Ballantine's 30 years old considered to be one of the oldest and also one of the most expensive blends available
  • Ballantine's is the leading super-premium scotch in the world
  • Old Bushmill's can glory with the title 'The oldest licensed distillery in the world'. License to distill in 1608
  • Locke's Distillery claimes to be one of the oldest distilleries in the world
  • Dá Mhile is the first official organic whisky in the world
  • Suntory have the largest still in the world
  • J & B is the second most popular blended whisky in the world
  • The most expensive bottle of spirit ever sold in the world, is a bottle of aged single malt Scotch whisky sold at a charity action in Italy for 47.000£ (Pnd.)
  • Johnnie Walker Red label is the world's largest selling Scotch Whisky
  • Johnnie Walker Black label is the world's best selling de luxe whisky
  • The Worlds highest Distillery is placed in Bolivia
  • Highland Park is the most Northern Scotch Whisky Distillery in the World
  • Coleraine is the only irish owned Irish distillery in the world

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