Whiskey Decanters - Highly collectable a very popular

Whiskey decanter

Whiskey decanters have developed from initially being a marketing tool used by the Distillers to promote their brands, into a highly collectable, and very interesting past time with quite a following.

The Whiskey decanter market has developed into one where they are manufactured in various material such as glass, ceramics and porcelain and are available in every conceivable shape.

Some of the most collectable pieces have been commissioned to celebrate important events or a dates.

A good example of thisis a 12 year old single malt was produced in a ceramic decanter to commemorate the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005. This was produced in a limited quantity of 975.

There are now companies that have set up purely with the intention of supplying Whiskey in unique Whiskey decanters.

Companies such as The Whisky Exchange have some terrific and very different decanters aimed at the gift market, whether a personal or corporate or just for a special occassion.

In America the Evergreen Beam and Specialties Club promotes the hobby of collecting Jim Beam and other ceramic decanters. They are the largest Jim Beam Collecting Club in the World and the first and only one on the Internet to date.

Jack Daniels have produced a variety of collectable prducts over the years, including a number of very interesting Whiskey Decanters.

The Jack Daniels Collector Page is a site dedicated to JD collectable products, but also shows a number of terrific examples of JD Whiskey decanters

The first Bells Decanter was seen after the First World War and were made of blue glass in the shape of a traditional decanter.

The design continued to be developed, from the hand made decanters of the 1930's and 1940's, until Royal Doulton took over the production in the 1950's.

Copeland Spode produced the decanters for a brief period in the early 1960's before the final producer, Wade, took over production in 1966.

Wade Ceramics plc

Wade Ceramics has produced all the Bell's Decanters made since 1966.

Wade are the UK market leader in production of branded ceramics such as spirit decanters and flagons, jugs, tankards and related products for the internationaldistilling and brewing industries.

They are a world leader in the manufacture of ceramics for the premiums, incentives, promotional, commemorative and collectable markets.

Guidlines for anyone collecting Whiskey decanters

As a general rule it's not advisable to keep Whiskey in your decanter if you are collecting, and wish to keep the decanter for some time. The reasons are:

  • Alcohol Will actually corrode a ceramic bottle from the inside and ruin the decanter
  • Generally full collectible decanters do not sell for more money.
  • The cork Will probably dry out and shrink
  • The Whiskey will probably go off!
  • Whiskey does not age in decorative decanters - so why not drink it

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