Seagrams were the company that made Canadian Whiskey great

This page is one I’m enjoying writing because Seagrams is where my interest in whiskey started..

My first ever drink of whiskey was a glass of Seagram VO which really started me on the road to becoming an admirer of this great drink

Seagram was a huge drinks business founded and based in Montreal Canada and was at one time the largest producer of alcoholic drinks in the world.

They are now, as with a number of the other major Whiskey producers, part of the huge Pernod Ricard empire

Canadian Whiskey, and Seagram in particular developed as producers of great whiskey during the “prohibition” years in the United States as Canadian Whiskey quite literally poured into America from Canada.

Seagram History

  • In 1857 a distillery, which would become the start of the Seagram business was founded in Waterloo, Ontario. Joseph E Seagram took full ownership of the distillery in 1883.
  • Joseph died in 1919, and a few years after this, in 1928 his business was taken over by the growing Distillers Corporation.
  • When prohibition ended in the USA in 1933, because they had considerable stocks of aged whiskey, they were well positioned to grow as a business
  • By the 1980’s Seagram became one of the biggest alcoholic drinks companies in the world.
  • By 2000 Pernod Ricard had taken over most of the alcoholic drinks business.

Seagrams brands

Seagrams have distributed the following bottlings over the years

  • Blenders Pride
  • Boston Club
  • Gold Classic
  • Imperial Blue
  • Master Blend
  • Passport
  • Premium Bourbon
  • Premium Whisky
  • Queen Anne Blended
  • 83 Canada
  • 100 Pipers
  • Seagrams VO / VO Gold / VO Gold 8 years old

Probably their most famous brand now is Crown Royal which is often seen as a beginners treat because it is so light and easy to drink.

If you want to try Crown Royal or any of the Canadian whiskies then the following online retailer is great. They are whisky specialists so really know their stuff, but not only that but they stock a huge range and will ship to almost anywhere.

Canadian Whiskey is really a great place to start and I still really enjoy a glass of these lovely light whiskies.

Go on and try them, and most importantly….Enjoy!

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