Paddy's Old Irish Whiskey

Paddy Whiskey - A famous Irish Whiskey

Paddy Whiskey is a blended Irish Whiskey from Irish Distillers who are now owned by the huge French drinks conglomarate Pernod Ricard.

During maturation in oak casks stored in dark aromatic warehouses for up to seven years, Paddy Old Irish whiskey mellows, and takes on it's distinctive rich, golden colour.

Two percent of Paddy's is lost to the atmosphere during maturation. This evaporated whiskey has come to be called 'The Angel's Share'.


Fresh and lively, aromatic - a complex interplay of nutty maltiness, woodland fragrances and spice, with hints of honey and vanilla.


Mild, soft, a distinctive mellow maltiness, a touch of sweet oil, spiciness - and again those background notes of honey, vanilla, toasted wood.


A sweetness gently fading, mellow maltiness and mild woody notes lingering pleasingly.

Paddy Whiskey is Light and fresh being one of the softest of all Irish Whiskeys due to the low percentage of pot still content


The most well known of all the Irish whiskeys is Paddy's. But less well known, is the fact that this delightful whiskey was named after a gregarious sales representative for Cork Distilleries Company called Paddy Flaherty.

Cork Distilleries Company

Cork Distilleries Company was founded in 1877 and had a number of distilling sites in the Cork city area. The distillery used the finest local grown barley and pure water from tributaries of the river Lee to distill world class whiskeys. The walls of the distillery still stand in Cork today in the area known as North Mall.

In 1882, a young Patrick J. O’Flaherty joined the Cork Distilleries Company as a traveller. Paddy covered an area stretching from Youghal to Mallow selling the rather unwieldy named ‘Cork Distilleries Company Old Irish Whiskey’.

Paddy was a clever guy. He travelled his area offering a free drink to all he met in the local pubs. This free drink enabled everyone he came into contact with to sample hisnow famous whiskey. So much so that when the publicans contacted the Cork Distillery Company to re stock they asked for Paddy Flaherty's Whiskey.....and so in 1912 the company changed the name to Paddy Whiskey, and so the famous brand was born.

By 1966, the number of licensed distillers in Ireland was actually down to three. Cork Distillers Company, John Jameson & Son, and John Powers & Son joined forces to become the Irish Distillers Group and built a common distillery at Midleton, Co. Cork. Their purchase of Antrim-based Bushmill's in 1970 brought all of the Irish distillers under one roof & who's parent company is Pernod Ricard. Please visit my page on Irish Whiskey to read more

Paddy Whiskey News

Many of the world's whiskey connoisseurs gathered in Paris recently for the Christie's auction of a rare collection of fine spirits once owned by Edward VIII, HRH, The Duke of Windsor.

Among the royal spirits under the hammer was a 1920's bottle of Paddy Old Irish Whiskey which was purchased by Irish Distillers Limited, distillers of Paddy Whiskey, for the princely sum of €1,500.00.

The Bottle is embossed with Edward VIII's original title: The Prince of Wales. According to Frederick Guyot, a wine and spirits expert in Christie's in Paris, "most of the bottles (in the collection) are very rare and sought-after by collectors".

After the Duke's Death in 1972, the complete collection was sold to a private collector by the Duchess of Windsor; Mrs. Simpson's title after her marriage to the Duke.

The emergence of this rare bottle of Paddy in Paris proved to be a very appropriate twist of fate as sales of Paddy in France have soared in recent years. To celebrate the acquisition of this rare Paddy bottle, and the extraordinary success of Paddy Whiskey in France, Philippe Savinel, Chief Executive of Irish Distillers, presented this vintage bottle to Pierre Coppéré, President of Pernod on the occasion of the France V Ireland Six Nations Rugby clash in Lansdowne Road, March 2003.

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