Jameson whiskey - the best selling Irish Whiskey in the world!

Jameson Whiskey headquarters is located in Dublin, Ireland and is a dour, grey, stone property, with Georgian, Victorian and more recent buildings, which now house Irish Distillers.

Also on this site is a small but interesting museum called Irish Whiskey Corner and a bar-style tasting room, "The Ball of Malt".


Type : Jameson Whiskey - blend.

Distillery : John Jameson & Son.

Bow Street, Dublin 7, Ireland.

Produced at : Midleton Distillery, Midleton, Co. Cork.

The Jameson Heritage Centre at Midleton.

Open 10.00 - 18.00 (6pm.) from March to October.

Phone 021-613594.

Founded : 1780

Owner : Irish Distillers

Producer : John Jameson & Son - (Irish Distillers)


When John Jameson started distilling his famous Jameson whiskey in Dublin in 1780 he was carrying on a tradition of whiskey making which had its origins in Ireland over a thousand years ago.

Jameson has been known in the past to mature whiskeys for more than 20 years and some of these products were used in blends which may still be found here and there.

However none bears the legend 20 years old, since such a blend would also contain younger whiskeys.

There is also a splendidly smooth, mellow Irish which is a blend of very well matured Jameson whiskey, the youngest being 12 years old, under the Redbreast label.

The whiskeys are from Jameson but the brand is bottled and distributed by another respected house, the Irish branch of Gilbey's.

A much less hefty, but still mellow - enthusiasts say "sophisticated" - blend of pot still whiskeys, again matured in sherry casks, in produced by Jameson under the name Crested Ten label.

None of these whiskeys is widely found outside Ireland.

The regular Jameson whiskey, the best known and most widely sold product of the house, also has a pronounced pot still character, although its component distillates are younger and generally lighter. It is matured in charred American Oak.

This is the favourite whiskey in the Dublin area and the most widely sold in the United States.

As his surname suggests, John Jameson was Scot - his wife was a member of the Haig whisky family - but he moved to Dublin in the 1770s and quickly won reputation as a demanding perfectionist in the production of Irish.

Another Scottish distilling family, the Steins, had their Dublin distillery taken over by a Jameson as the dynasty established itself in Ireland.

Eventually, the Jameson owned a number of distilleries in Ireland and had two million gallons of whisky maturing under the streets of Dublin.

Members of the family are still involved in the business, though in 1966 Jameson became a part of the newlyformed Irish Distillers Group.

The Jameson whiskey headquarters, in dour grey stone, with Georgian, Victorian and more recent buildings, now house Irish Distillers' office in Dublin, along with a small but interesting museum called Irish Whiskey Corner and a bar-style tasting room, "The Ball of Malt".

Today Jameson whiskey is world famous for its distinctive flavour and smooth caracteristics.

Triple distilled from the finest Irish barley and pure spring water and then matured in oak casks.

Jameson carries the hallmark of quality which has made it the best selling Irish Whiskey around the world.



The most Irish of whiskeys are the pot still products, matured for long periods in sherry casks, from Jameson of Dublin.

The water for Jameson is pure, natural spring water drawn from the Dungourney River that flows through Midleton Distillery.

Jameson Whiskey is made from ripe Irish barley, the finest cereal grains, yeast and pure crystal clear water.

The malted barley used in Jameson is dried in closed kilns to ensure a smooth natural taste. The absence of smoke in the malting process ensures that the clean taste of the malt and barley shine through in the final whiskey.

Precise amounts of malted and unmalted barley are milled and then mixed with hot water in a "mash tun". The starches in the mash are converted to sugars and the resultant liquid is called 'wort'.

"Wort" is separated from the residual grains and pumped into "wash backs". The action of the yeast produces fermentation and the sugars in the wort are converted to a low strength alcohol or "wash".

Distilling creates new whiskey from the wash. The wash is heated in traditional large copper pot stills and Jameson whiskey is obtained only after three separate distillations.

Each stage results in a smoother superior quality. Triple distillation is the key to Jameson's smoothness.

Maturation is the mellowing and ageing of spirit in oak wood casks. Jameson is laid down for maturation in oak casks which have previously been seasoned by holding Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry.

During maturation some of the spirit is lost in evaporation. This is known as the ‘Angels Share’

The character of Jameson whiskey follows the tradition laid down by John Jameson in the 18th century, and is now determined by an experienced whiskey blender.

He blends together a variety of whiskey types which have been matured in oak casks.

Finally Jameson whiskey is vatted and allowed to marry before being called forward for bottling, the final stage on a long journey to tasting.

Tasting Notes

Jameson whiskey is a blended Irish Whiskey which has an ABV of 40%

Michael Jackson


Very aromatic. Waxy orange skins. Linseed oil. Leather.


Big, oily, creamy, sociable.


Delicate. Peppery. More-ish.


A superb Irish for everyday drinking. I love this, though not quite as much as the 1780.

Jim Murray


A meeting of oloroso and crisp pot still character. Malty, too. Lovely fruitcake richness, though not as sweet as in recent years.


Very firm, oily, intense and mouthfilling.


A hint of spice counters an increasing oaky bitterness though the barley and sherry last to the very end.


Five or six years back I panned this whiskey: it was lacking in pot still character. Not any more. Now genuinely impressive, charming and characterful.

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