The first English Whisky distillery to be built in over 100 years

English Whisky

I’ve just heard about what is a real “turn up for the books” The one and only English whisky distillery

The aptly named St. George's Distillery, is based in the lovely English county of Norfolk which is only about 2 hours away from London, and therefore if you are in England to see London, and you are really keen on seeing a Whisky distillery, then why not have a trip to see this unique site and sample the unique and only English Whisky

It’s a bit easier than flying, or travelling up to Scotland.

The distillery started making English whisky in December of 2006 and then opened it’s doors to visitors on 2007.

James Nelstrop and his son Andrew Nelstrop, both farmers by trade, founded the business because they had a dream about producing an English whisky.

They recruited a hugely experienced Scottish master distiller called Ian Henderson, who gained his knowledge working for the distillers of Glenlivet, Ardbeg, and Laphroaig

Why England I probably hear you cry.

Well Norfolk has good supplies of water and Norfolk being a farming area has terrific barley, the same barley used by a number of Scottish whisky distillers.

Under EU law, the spirit that matures into Whisky cannot be called “Whisky” until it has been aged in an oak barrel for a minimum of 3 years.

So the St George’s Whisky is not yet available to buy at the distillery on site shop, but they do sell a great selection of other whiskies......actually around 240 different varieties from around the world.

The first official English Whisky is a limited batch of 349 cases which is maturing in Oak barrels as we speak, and will be released in time for Christmas in 2009.

The distillery will use Bourbon barrels for its standard expressions, but will also use other casks previously used for Port, Sauterne, Burgundy and Madeira.

The shape of the stills determines that their whisky will be a light spirit, more in the Speyside style than a Highland or Island. The unpeated bottles have been likened to a Scottish Glenlivet.

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