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Canadian Whisky brands - Whisky that is light and easy to enjoy

The dominance of Canadian whisky brands, in recent years has declined, however the most popular of these, namely Crown Royal and Seagram's V.O. plus the ever so popular Canadian Club are called for in bars all over the world.

For those who are just beginning to enjoy whiskey, these are the lightest and easiest whiskeys to swallow and a great place to start.

I've attempted to list below all the popular Canadian Whisky brands. All worth a try.

Beam Global Spirits

  • Canadian Club
  • Canadian Club Classic, Aged 12 Years
  • Canadian Club Reserve 10 Year Old
  • Canadian Club Sherry Cask 8 Year Old
  • Canadian Mist Original

Barton Brands

  • Bartons Canadian
  • Black Velvet
  • Black Velvet Reserve
  • Canadian Host
  • Canadian Ltd
  • Canadian Supreme
  • Corby's Canadian
  • MacNaughton
  • McMasters
  • Mr Boston Five Star
  • Northern Light


Seagram Whisky water Jug

Pernod Ricard

  • Walker Special Old
  • Rich and Rare
  • Royal Reserve
  • Wisers

Heaven Hill Distilleries

  • Harwood

Century Reserve

  • Century Reserve in 8, 13, 15, 21 year old bottlings

Forty Creek Whisky

  • Forty Creek Barrel Select
  • Forty Creek Three Grain

Gibsons Distillery

  • Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Old
  • Gibson’s Finest 18 Year Old
  • Gibson’s Finest Stirling


  • Hirsch Canadian 8, 10 & 12 years old

Other notable brands

  • J Foxe Canadian Whisky
  • Tangle Ridge Whiskey

  • Lord Calvert Canadian
  • Pendletons
  • Potters Crown
  • Tangle Ridge

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