Bernheim Whiskey

Bernheim Whiskey - A real innovation in Whiskey Distillation

Bernheim Whiskey is a real innovation in the US Whiskey market.

It's the first and only Whiskey to be distilled using soft winter wheat, as apposed to corn, barley or rye. The resulting Whiskey is a unique, full bodied, sweet and smooth drink. The alcohol content is 45% by volume.

Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey was launched officially in September 2005. The launch is for the first wheat whiskey to enter the U.S. market, according to the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

What is Wheat Whiskey?

It is a type of Whiskey that must contain at least 51% of a single type of grain with a combination of other grains.

What is the difference to normal bourbon

Bourbon has to be at least 51% corn

Where is Bernheim Whiskey Available?

Bernheim Whiskey has been launched in 12 US States only. Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Bernheim Original Straight Wheat Whiskey uses a minimum 51% wheat in its recipe as the primary grain. It is not a "wheated Bourbon" like Heaven Hill's Old Fitzgerald Straight Bourbon, which is a type of Bourbon that substitutes wheat for the rye in the mashbill.

Bernheim Wheat Whiskey was distilled in January of 2000 at the Bernheim Distillery, and has been aging in our open rick warehouses in Nelson County since.

Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey will be released on a limited basis and packaged in a flask style bottle with a copper medallion label, applied ceramic type and a wax-sealed cork closure. It will be packaged three per case in a gift carton with burlap fabric finish.

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