Belgian whisky - The Belgium Owl

This may sound like a very strange scenario. Belgian whisky.....What does Belgium know about distilling Whiskey?

Well to be honest, probably a little bit more than you think!

Belgium is of course famous for brewing beer. As Whiskey making has evolved from brewing beer, perhaps the biggest surprise is that there were no distilleries in the country before 2004.

Belgian Owl

The Owl Distillery is the brainchild of Etienne Bouillon from Liege, who “lived the dream” and turned a passionate hobby into a business.

He travelled to Scotland and joined the Whisky Academy at the Bruichladdich distillery on Islay to learn all about the whiskey making process.

The distillery itself is situated in pretty gardens on a site that is famous for its fruit beers, apple brandy and an array of liqueurs.

Whilst the Belgian distillery has emulated the Scots way of doing things in most respects, locally produced barley and peat is giving the Whiskey a distinctive flavour of its own.

So far only a maturing malt spirit has been available, but at Christmas in 2008 Belgium Owl single malt whisky was bottled for the first time so representing the character and uniqueness of the location and the local ingredients.

Belgian owl distillery

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