How I built a site on Whiskey

Hi there.

My name is Steve and I live in the middle of England with my wife and three daughters.

My interest in Whiskey first developed when as a young sales guy I started to sell beers, wines and yes, Whiskey to UK retailers.

For years I’ve enjoyed drinking Whiskey and really keeping my interest to myself, other than sharing a glass with friends.

My wife hates whisky, so no support there.

On being made redundant as a Sales manager for a large Japanese Consumer Electronics company, I started looking at what I could do to take control of my own destiny, rather than have it fall into the hands of people I had maybe never met, or leaving my future in the hands of the economy …. and boy how bad is that at the moment.

I decided I wanted to develop a website on something I really had a genuine interest in, and so was born.

Now whilst I can use a PC, I’m by no means an expert, and the thought of HTML, programming and the complexities of the world wide web certainly scared me until the day I found a system that really helped me.

Solo Build It is a business building system (almost like a self study course really) that “lead me by the arm”…. step by step.

  • It helped me to firm up any ideas I had in my head that I perhaps thought were a good idea for a site.
  • It helped me to do the research to ensure that the idea was a sound one.
  • It showed me day by day how to build my site
  • The level of support I had from their forums was second to none. This was hugely important to me because as I said..."I really didn't know, what I din't know!.
  • It has basically been a one-stop shop to running my site in a professional way.

Don't get me wrong, the road to creating this site for you to enjoy has not been completely easy but it's been loads of fun and is bringing in extra income too. Just think, you could be doing something like this on a topic that is near and dear to your heart as well.

Thanks for reading this.

All the best


PS This page has created a huge amount of interest, so much so, that I've built a second About me page that goes into the "nitty gritty" detail about how I built this site, and I've also done my best to answer all the frequently asked questions.

Thanks again for visiting my site.

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